News about Tales from Trollhättan

News about Tales from Trollhättan

A mini album – Tales from Trollhättan – with Per Bronco Karlsson and Tibet in reverse has been delivered to British RouteNote for digital distribution. Tales from Trollhättan includes three songs:

1. Eight legged Doug
2. Bronco Billy and Shadow
3. Neighbors in the sun

The person on the cover is Ernst Stridsberg, an industrialist from Trollhättan. Ernst Stridsberg was co-founder of the famous factory Stridsberg & Biörck. The story of Eight legged Doug occurred in Trollhättan during the early sixties and is well known by Trollhättan´s inhabitants.

Release in major digital stores will be announced on this blog.

Per Bronco

Per Bronco Karlsson in digital stores


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