Crowgirls 2014

An album called Crowgirls is on its way. It will be a contextual album about crowgirls. Only one of the ten included songs is actually new, it is called Baby is walking with God and I have a video for this song. Crowgirls will also contain remastered songs, single versions and more.

Since the context is crowgirls I added songs from my Per Bronco albums and from my albums with Tibet in reverse – and one from my Browncow album.

A cloud for Crowgirls
I asked myself: If I want to expose Crowgirls in a social media I never used before, which media would that be? The answer came easily. What would fit better for my Crowgirls than a cloud?

That´s why all of the songs from Crowgirls will be uploaded to my new Soundcloud account. The last upload will be Baby is walking with God when the album is out in digital stores, and then the video will be published on my YouTube account.

The links to my Soundcloud and YouTube accounts are here:

Per Bronco on Soundcloud
Per Bronco on YouTube

Per Bronco
March 2014

Per Bronco Karlsson in digital stores