Per Bronco Karlsson is a Swedish musician and singer/songwriter. He makes music as Per Bronco Karlsson, Browncow, Per Bronco and with Tibet in reverse. Tibet in reverse are Hans Kjellsson, Mikael Fasth, and Per Bronco, when they play.


Newest relese
The Rain is Per Bronco´s latest release.


Solid Hole – Fair distribution of water
Only wear a Solid Hole t-shirt if you support fair distribution of water. Visit Per Bronco´s Solid Hole T-shirt store.
Solid Hole uses Spreadshirt for printing and delivering organic T-shirts from Continental clothing.


Record Union: Albums: Underdrifter, Got My Moojoo Working, Broncosaurus, Celebration.
RouteNote: Albums: Crowgirls, All Rickety Here, Retromancer. Singles: The Rain, Hurry Love, Exo, Black Country Rock .2, Tales from Trollhättan, Oscar Muur, To get inside your pants, Jardin du Luxembourg, No Sociologies Accepted.


Weekly Spotify Playlist: 10 Per Bronco songs