Alien Lady Stardust, from EP Black Country Rock .2 (2012), is probably the most requested of Per Bronco´s pop music in digital social media.

All Rickety Here (2015) is Per Bronco´s darkest album, with songs like The Dreamprinter, All rickety here and Exorcism. Hans Kjellsson and Mikael Fasth, appearing as Tibet in reverse on many of Per Bronco´s albums, are playing on Exorcism. In this darkest of Per Bronco´s albums you will also find his brightest songs: Water in your eyes and its 2085 and im still a boy.

If you want to encounter a more obscure side of Per Bronco Karlsson you may enjoy the video Romance de Franz on Per Bronco´s Youtube channel. The video Romance de Franz is based on the song Romance de Franz from his album Retromancer 2016, with lyrics from Franz Kafka´s The Trial.

“Takes mycelium to know that you are mycelium, you know that you are.”

Per Bronco

Per Bronco Karlsson

Tibet in reverse

Hans Kjellsson and Mikael Fasth