Per Bronco Karlsson: Context Creator. Singer-Songwriter. DIY musician since 1018.

Alien Lady Stardust is probably the most requested song of Per Bronco´s alt-pop (and alt-rock) music. In a retrospective, which version do you think is the best, factoryboy (Browncow 2011) or Factory Boy (Per Bronco Karlsson and Tibet in reverse* 2011)? Have you heard Per Bronco´s version of David Bowie´s The Bewlay Brothers? Maybe it is more like a hybrid in the wardrobe where David disappeared after Lazarus? Kafka was a context creator. Stephen Hawking was real.

The future of Per Bronco? ”I never listen to my earlier albums”, he said. An obvious lie. True however is: ”The newest is always the best, and the song I´m working on is the only one in my head.”

Internetified is a a website communicated playlist with 25 songs by artists on Spotify and SoundCloud. It is on and on Spotify and Soundcloud. Playlist Curator: Per Bronco Karlsson.

Record Union, albums: Underdrifter, Got My Moojoo Working (Browncow), Broncosaurus (Per Bronco Karlsson and Tibet in reverse), Celebration.
RouteNote, albums: Kallocain The Little Match Girl*, Mycelium 3.0*, Crowgirls*, All Rickety Here*, Retromancer*.
RouteNote, singles: The Schizophrenic, Second Life on Mars, The Box, Only God Forgives, Visa i Molom (Per Bronco Karlsson, Tibet in reverse), Buy Sell Tomorrows, The Bewlay Brothers, The Power and the Glory, Melancholia,The Rain, Hurry Love, Exo (Per Bronco Karlsson, Tibet in reverse), Black Country Rock .2, Tales from Trollhättan (Per Bronco Karlsson and Tibet in reverse), Oscar Muur (Per Bronco Karlsson and Tibet in reverse), To get inside your pants, Jardin du Luxembourg, No Sociologies Accepted.

* Tibet in reverse (Hans Kjellsson and Mikael Fasth) appearing on tracks.

Per Bronco Karlsson

Tibet in reverse

Hans Kjellsson and Mikael Fasth