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Thursday's Child, Bowie cover by Per Bronco

The first month in the new year should be the best moment to release my cover version of this optimistic song, so here it goes in January 2022.

Thursday's Child is released on Spotify and Deezer.

Internetified January 2022 is released! Artists added this month: Monokino, Purple Witch of Culver, Berry for Bears, Chick Corea, Stevie Boyes.


The Schizophrenic

New song by Per Bronco Karlsson: The Schizophrenic.

The lyrics are a quote from Aldous Huxley´s novel Doors of Perception. Cover art is made by Rose-Marie Gunnarsdotter.

Why don´t we go to Mars in spring?

New song by Per Bronco: Second Life on Mars

If we were large enough to cross The Box in one step, how long would it take?

My new song Only God Forgives is a little story about climate and nuclear weapons. I think all countries should ratify TPNW, Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

How is your country doing?

Per Bronco

New single by Per Bronco Karlsson: Buy Sell Tomorrows.

New album by Per Bronco Karlsson: Kallocain The Little Match Girl

New Per Bronco release Feb 13, 2020: Kallocain The Little Match Girl.




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New single: The Bewlay Brothers. Now on SoundCloud:

I listened to a lot of versions before I decided to make a cover on David Bowie´s The Bewlay Brothers. But I didn´t want it to sound Hunky Dory.

Upcoming Per Bronco Release: The Bewlay Brothers - Single - Releases Sep 16, 2019

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DAVID: So you’ve come back to replug our life-support systems in? Is that it? By the grace of your, of your, uh by the
stroke of your that what you’re gonna do? are going to bring us back to life? Is that what
you’ve come here for?
NIGEL: No I’ve com

Discussion on media work in a political campaign: World Water Day

- Water, a commodity free to capitalize on?

- Radical, revolutionary and in the interest of the nation state

Our world is a dangerous planet with dangerous leaders. My new song The Power and the Glory draws attention to this and suggests that we in opposition to them act for a positive attitude towards the immediate future.

70y ago #OnThisDay, @UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of #HumanRights. Dec 10 is #HumanRightsDay. Join us today to #StandUp4HumanRights & the equal dignity and rights of all human beings #UDHR70 -

For billions of people around the world, sanitation systems are either non-existent or ineffective.

Ever wondered what happens to the poo once it drops into the loo? #WorldToiletDay #WhereDoesOurPooGo @worldtoilet

"Things in America can be from hell. Right now we have a president from hell, and the National Security Council from hell, so we should add Jazz from Hell also." - Frank Zappa

"Jazz From Hell" released #OnThisDay in 1986. Official #Zappa Release #47.

Melancholia is my new single!

Listen on Spotify

Upcoming Per Bronco Release: Melancholia - Single - Releases Sep 14, 2018

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